About us


Created by Sara Amendola as well as artistic director of the brand, SHARAY is an independent brand 100% made in Italy with ethical values of work. SHARAY is a reality where quality and unique products are created, from design to distribution. Thanks to the continuous research and study by our team.

Sharay is committed to offering a product that is always new and unique. Our garments have the ability to dress every woman, offers a wide range of products and its purpose is to make you feel special through its fit and
quality of materials.

The eccentric use of color along with high quality fabrics and design details , make each dress special that enhances every woman who wears it!

Our mission is to:

“to serve our customers in the best way possible.”

SHARAY’s cornerstone is to deliver a high-end, ethically made product at the best possible price.

We love all the girls who review and believe in SHARAY and want to make sure we continue to improve to offer them the best in the market. always striving to meet the demands of our audience.


Producing 100% in Italy, we have complete control of our production and
therefore we are able to obtain the best craftsmanship results. A Sharay
product lasts a lifetime thanks to the mythical quality of the materials.